Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Read from Right to Left

Napilitan akong magbasa ng manga ng Bleach kasi ang BAGAAAAAAAL ng anime.

Though the lag is understandable since the battle over the fake Karakura town didn't even reach the halfway point in the manga...the animators are milking every single second of the extended episode recap of the previous episode (na halos kalahati ng current episode), flashback, and extreme closeup with dramatic music para makahabol ang manga sa anime.

Bilisan nyo na kasi eh...

Para akong batang pumapalakpak sa bawat eksena wahahahaha I never knew that I could be enraptured once again by the magic of the comic book.

But now I know how the story unfolds, I can't wait to see it rendered into animated action. Go Ichigo! Go Ulquiorra Fischer! Sandali,parang mali yata...

Basta! Go,go,go!

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