Monday, November 10, 2008

Cold Turkey

I was holed up in the boarding house for the whole day. I finally resurrected my Kas 226 notes and I was earnestly poring over my initial drafts. Going over my notes and drafts and trying to resume my writing where I left off last time was frustrating work.


I would be going over the section on the formulation of US policy during the Japanese Occupation when a stray thought would intrude...

Level 53 na yung wizard ko sa Cabal...ano ba yung quest na makakakuha ka ng map ng Port Lux? least nakarating na ako ng Port Lux...cute ng character ko in Bluestin Martial set...anong klaseng creeps ba meron sa Port Lux?....

Sandali! Sandali! SANDALEEEEEEEEE!

Focus...focus...focus where was I? Oh yes, 'asan na ba yang lintik na copy ko ng Potsdam Declaration...

It was a challenge to focus and get my brain "jump-started" or "reoriented" to academic pursuits once again. Hangover ng sembreak.

Pwede ring withdrawal symptoms ng Cabal addiction.


Thank goodness, I still had my iron resolve...I managed to push through with rearranging my outline and editing a few portions of my essay. I didn't want to over exert myself since I know parang naninibago pa ako. hehe

It was already an achievement on my part that I managed to go through a whole day without paying a visit to Desert Scream, Green Despair, Bloody Ice, and Port Lux...

Sembreak's over. Dapat yan ang itatak natin sa utak natin. Huwaw.

Pero every Sunday balik tayo ng Desert Scream. Na-schedule na 'yan. hehehehe

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