Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it over?

Haaay tapos na sina Otis, Schurman, at Manuel.

On to other things that indirectly concern me (connection is mostly due to sentimental reasons hehe):

I do hope the "war" is over...but hearing of THAT incident resulted in two reactions on my part:

"hmmmm...assuming it's true...why am I not surprised?"

"WTF? the drama came after? when I was there the drama happened BEFORE things got going!" (but not on THAT volume - este - scale)

Ano ba yan? idaan na lang yan sa mabuting sigawan - este - iyakan - este - usapan, ano ba yan?

File this one under: ulihi sa balita/tsismis and waay labot pero ga-comment hehehe

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