Sunday, July 20, 2008

At Natuloy Rin Ang Binabalak

Nadayun man gid mga abyan ang handum kag dumot ni Ditch...

The Dark Knight was AMAZING!

The Joker is CHAOS personified

I was laughing at the sight of The Joker in a female nurse's outfit

--then I was cringing as he blew up the hospital

amusement+horror = viva Heath Ledger!

Astig ang motorcycle ni Batman! The car-chase sequence was amazing!

How was this reversal of fortune possible, you might ask? This was made possible by my father who dropped by UP this morning. A small donation indeed goes a LONG way (parang simbahan hehehe). Muchas gracias a mi padre! Muchas gracias!

Now that the family's converging in Bacolod, things are going to get a bit hectic for me in preparation for my 'escape' from UP in August.

Anyway, I've seen the second Batman film...

I've read 200 pages of Borg's Pearl Harbor as History...

Things are looking up for me this week...

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