Saturday, July 12, 2008

Geopolitics, Diplomacy, History....Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

this is me in the UP Main Lib upon seeing the readings that I would have to go through for my Kas 226 report

Sir Jose wasn't joking when he remarked that my report topic had a lot written about it. As in, a LOT...

These are books that you read IF you want to die!





Timeout muna! Ano ba yan?! Damn the Japanese…why did they have to attack Pearl Harbor and bring the Second World War into the Pacific? Why did they have to engage in imperialistic ventures in the Southeast Asian region in the 1930s? Why invade China and establish the puppet republic of Manchukuo in 1931? Why are diplomats such erudites that they quote the Aeneid with such ease? Why can’t backdoor diplomatic negotiations be based on screenplays of Bond Movies? Or Robert Ludlum novels? Or Tom Clancy novels (only with less talking and exposition)?

I have to take a break just for tonight. I just finished Feis' The Road to Pearl Harbor para akong na-overdose sa historical facts...

In fairness, bilib ako sa diplomat na nag-quote ng Aeneid -- the way to hell is Latin pa yan. Take that, Virgil! hehehe

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