Saturday, July 19, 2008

Confessional Blues

Ditch: Bless me Father for I have sinned. it has been nnnn since my last confession

Padre Salvi: Si hijo, tell me your sins...

Ditch: Father I made an oath that I cannot uphold

Padre Salvi: And what is that oath?

Ditch: Manonood po ako ng The Dark Knight this Sunday

Padre Salvi: at ano naman ang rason kung bakit hindi mo matutupad ang iyong panata?

Ditch: Lawig nga isturya Father matak-an ka lang...but if you want a one-word summary - ECONOMICS.

Padre Salvi: Sige, wala kaso. Here is your penance...

*Ditch awaits with bated breath the penance to be imposed*

Padre Salvi: Your penance will be to read 400 pages of Pearl Harbor as History, edited by Dorothy Borg and Shumpei Okamoto.

Ditch: QUE?! esta no hay derecho Padre! No tienes razon!

Padre Salvi: No, tengo razon. leed cuatro cientos pahinas del libro...

Ditch: Por que, Padre? POR QUEEEEEE?! huhuhu

Padre Salvi: Pramis pramis ka dasun indi mo man gale mahimo...gago ka pala eh...

Ditch: Ari na gani Father ginasuguran na basa...hay naku!

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