Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm seeing Red

Kung si Pebi nagkakanosebleed sa mga binabasa niya. Ako parang namumula na ang mga mata ko. hehe Finished reading James Allen's The Radical Left on the Eve of War and I'm currently going through Communism in the Philippines: The PKP (Book 1). Coincidentally (or not), both books have red covers. Yung PKP book may hammer and sickle pa sa likod. hahaha

Nakigulo na rin si Dancing Prof. For about 15 minutes, he was quizzing us on our readings for the research paper. It's a good thing I've read Bankoff a few weeks ago so I was confident in my reply: "Sir binasa ko po si Bankoff...Greg Bankoff po...Crime, State and Society in the 19th Century Philippines po..."

Now I'll be forced to start reading for Kas 110. Bluffing can only take me so far...hanggang August na kalbaryo 'to! Ginapa-utwas lang sa blog! hahahaha

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