Monday, July 7, 2008

WTF?! Shileeeeey! Noooooo!

Title refers to my reaction upon finishing Code Geass R2 Episode 13.

Sadly, Shirley's fate is the same as that of Euphemia in Season 1. Now, she goes to enroll herself in The Big Academy in the Sky.

The episode had so many twists that it had me reeling at the end. Cornelia is back!Ninja pala si Sayoko? Orange-kun is not a bad guy gale? The Ohgi and Villeta loveteam is together again (sound only)? hehehe

On another matter: What's all this reference to Lady Marianne? C.C. seems to have known her. Cornelia deeply respected her. And now Jeremiah revealed that he professed his undying loyalty to her; thus his fixation on Lelouch...this better have a good explanation in the end...

At least Shirley finally professes her love for Lelouch. Then she gets eviscerated by Rolo. Talk about "spilling your guts" to your one true love...*sigh*

If death is the fate of innocent, inconsequential, slightly pathetic female characters in this anime, is Nunnally going to end up dead also? I don't think Lelouch will let that happen...

Sayonara, Shirley...

Ngayon, balik sa Readings!

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