Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finalmente! y Continuare...

The Kas 226 term paper is done.

I can finally show my face to Dr. Jose next week.

The Kas 208 term paper, on the other hand, is still floating somewhere in the stratosphere.

I'm currently reading on the history of the American Occupation of the Philippines.

Although this is not the usual history that you get from mainstream textbooks.

It's all about postmodern, postcolonial histories. Hardcore deconstruction and structural analysis. Feminist theory, gender relations, culture studies, sexuality. WTF?!

Buti na lang hinaluan ng konting sex hehe para ma-aliw naman tayo ng konti...

O siya, I have to finish (re)reading Vergara and his thesis on the representative aspect of photographs in post/colonial history.

This week: media as agents, actors, and creators of history(ies).

Coming Soon: Archival Research! magbababad na naman tayo sa Microfilms. Ihanda ang Eyemo! hahaha

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