Sunday, February 15, 2009


Guess what I did today?

The movie's no Jumper. Which is a good thing. Really.

This tale of runaway psychics in Hongkong reads just like any ordinary sci-fi story. Who hasn't watched movies like X-men, Jumper (hehe), or TV series such as Heroes? A movie review I've read at said that this movie would pretty much be overwhelmed by the flood of superhero movies that had been unleashed in the past few years.

Push, however, deserves a look despite a few flaws...

30 minutes into the movie, I could feel the movie was pushing for a sequel. What the movie review described as plot holes for me were allusions to backstories that were just waiting in the wings for subsequent release - a sequel, a prequel, a comic - errr...graphic novel series? merchandising anyone?

There's just one plot hole I would like to rant about, though. Spoiler alert! In the sequence in which Nick and Cassie were going over the possibilities they were to encounter if they were to confront the baddies...did Cassie's accuracy rate jump to 100%? I know that wiping the memory of Nick would give the team an advantage over the "Lollipop" watcher, but did Cassie go over all possibilities as Nick was creating his little Easter egg hunt? The scene where Cassie was crying over her fate seemed to contradict the subsequent scene where Lollipop finally confronted her? Did Cassie know that the wiper would be there? Hmmmm...

Kung di nyo gets, watch nyo na ang movie para ma-gets nyo ang reklamo ko. hehe

Anyway, the movie had its redeeming qualities. I liked the interlude sequences wherein the actors would be just strolling around or getting some stuff. These little breaks between the story were well-edited. And the soundtrack is pretty good too. No big name bands or powerballads. Just some smooth electronica to usher things along.

Atsaka ang cute ni Dakota Fanning. Pati na rin si Papa Chris. Aaaaaaay!

All in all, a pretty good film. Finally, I could bury the memory of having watched Jumper deep into my subconscious.

Spoiler: the scene depicted in the movie poster wasn't in the movie. But I think I saw it in the confuse tuloy ako. Teka...

Ay, wala pala sa trailer.

OK...this week I shall be cloistered within the library to read for my Kas 208 term paper. Walang iistorbo! hahaha

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