Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm finally completing my 226 term paper and I'm literally swimming through footnotes. Nyetang Chicago Style na 'to!

I imagine historians chatting in some conference about their publications -- talking about footnotes in this scenario would be equivalent to war veterans bragging about their war scars. Like: See note 24 of page 235 of Chapter 2 of my dissertation? naku muntik na akong magkamali ng edition diyan...bumalik pa ako sa archives para ma-check ang accuracy ng source ko!


And speaking of conferences, got wind of belated news that Negros Occidental solons would be jetting off to Macau for a few days of "bonding".


Bonding. In Macau.

Just as long as our honorables spend their own money, that's fine with me. After all what's wrong with a few political and social elites packing off to the gambling capital of Asia to talk about the next course of their political agenda? Nothing smells more like democracy and fine statesmanship than cloistering in a foreign country, away from your constituents, surrounded by vices and all manner of debauchery.

Well...given the global recession, a little spending wouldn't hurt. This excursion would truly inject much needed capital into a fragile Asian economy. Only it's not the Philippines. And the place where they'll be doing their "injecting" is an island where big spenders often come to. Basta! Global Recession! Let's inject some f*cking money where it should be injected! Go!

Anyway, at the very least, they would be returning from the trip "rejuvenated", their minds brimming with plots - este - grand ideas to further improve the lot of their constituents in their respective citys and districts. Win-win scenario di ba?


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