Friday, February 6, 2009

Proof of Life (a continuing series)

We're about to embark on the final stretch of our preparations for the Pasig Exhibit. But enuf about dat muna...eto some of the places in UP where I would usually be found...

Shopping Center. A stone's throw away from my boarding house (if you have a really strong throwing arm). Lahat nandito - eateries, a grocery store, THE DVD SHOP and bookstore, computer shops, photocopying services, pati manicure at pedicure...kumpleto! Note the writing on the pink wall...

Gonzalez Hall. My second home. hehehe

Palma Hall...where all the action is! haha. The AS Steps is considered a historical landmark as many a protest were held in this area.

This is one landmark in UP that I often pass by every morning going to classes. I find this structure strangely arousing for some reason hahaha

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