Friday, February 13, 2009


dedicated sa mga iskolar na medyo tuliro this week kasi ang daming requirements at exams ngayong linggo hanggang sa susunod pa. Tiyempong-tiyempo na UP Fair pa so medyo malaki ang challenge sa ating mga magigiting na estudyante. hehe Sali din ako sa toxicity next week.


performed by Britney Spears
parodied by sonofaditch

Baby can’t you see
I’m crawling
Through the paperwork
And all I’m doing
It’s dangerous
I’m failing

There’s no escape
This can’t wait
I need a week
But only got a day
It’s dangerous
I’m freaking

I can’t calm down
Losing my sleep’s
The only option now
I feel dizzy now…

All the papers and things
I gotta write
so toxic! I just surrender…
All the facts that I need
To memorize
Things I don’t wanna do but I have to

Got to pass or I’m screwed
Oh I know its’ so toxic!

It’s getting late
I’m giving up
I took a sip
From my coffee cup
So slowly, sleep’s taking over me…

I can’t sleep now
All my notes
don’t make sense now…
All is hopeless now…

All the deadlines that went
out of my mind
So toxic! Now I surrender!
I’m so dead, and I’m screwed
Now I realize
I don’t know what to do
Oh I know, it’s so toxic

All the papers are due
So today I’m so toxic

I know, I’m so TOXIC!


Prof is gonna
Skin me alive
So toxic! Please! I surrender
Cant recall what I learned
it's out of my mind
I don’t know what to do
Oh I know it’s so toxic

I so tired and I’m through
With this crazy life
So toxic! I’m going bonkers!
Now I pray that I don’t
Get a grade of 5.0
Oh I'm glad I got through
coz this week was so toxic

Can you help me now
Please go kill me now
Exam’s starting now
I’m so not ready now
Detoxify me now
‘cause I can’t take it now
I'm f*cking toxic now...

Now, try putting the song up on the MP3 player or on Youtube...sabay tayo kay Aleng Britney....Go!

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