Monday, February 23, 2009

WTF?! Why German is SO Bad-Ass...

See...anything said in German comes out angry...especially if it's said in a loud'd be reciting Shakespearean sonnets and people will think you're screaming bloody murder...

Corroborating evidence to my "German is a bad-ass language" thesis... Rammstein. Nothing further your honor...

BTW, this video just sort-of destroyed one of my childhood memories. Snow White? Why? WHY? OH GOD, WHY?!!!!!!!

...well, the ending would've been better if they strangled Snow-White to death after emerging from her glass coffin. Die Bitch! DIE!

And then they carve up her body with the shards of glass and feast on her flesh.


*cough cough cough*


God...I should've taken German instead of Spanish...hahaha

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