Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stage Two: Cleared!

Finally, my report in my Kas 226 class! Now all that's left are the book reports, the term paper proposals, my Kas 110 draft...

But for now, I am thankful that I made it through the two reports despite the most mysterious phenomena that had been plaguing me this week -- tila hindi nagkakasundo ang laptop ko at ang LCD projector...thus in my Kas 205 report the class had to view my presentation on the laptop screen while in my Kas 226 a similar fate was avoided due to the timely intervention of Sir Marlon, who lent his laptop for our use in class.

One positive thing about our Kas 226 class is that since we're a small class (6 students and Prof Jose) we have now ended up as good buddies. During the reportings the exchanges were light and humorous, even Prof Jose would break out into chuckles at times and even *gasp* Mr Sungit would break out into quiet laughter. Believe it or not!

My B & R adventures are also positive this week. I found a few nuggets of information that could prove useful for my paper in Kas 110.

Patience and Perseverance. Thank God I still have these.

As a reward for myself, I spent the whole night reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. hehe Even I didn't see the twist coming in the last few chapters. Riveting.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stage One: Cleared!

Just gave my report on the PKP in my Kas 205 Class. Whew! One down, another report to go -- this time on thursday. Good thing Prof Jose isn't an intimidating presence in class, although he had a question on my report that I wasn't able to answer -- dinaan na lang sa segue sa ibang topic hehe

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Praise The Lord!

Hahahaha believe it or not I listen to gospel music.

Isa lang ang criteria ko: dapat hindi tunog gospel music ang mga kanta nila.

You know...(Kung si Prof Teodoro pa) yung parang Don Moen na feeling ko nasa prayer rally ako at sinasaniban na ako ng kung anumang espirito hahaha.

Andami na ngayong gospel music artists na hindi typical ang mga tunog
. Here's two of my favorites:

Jars of Clay: Just bought the "Best Of" collection of Jars of Clay and I was going "WTF? Ba't walang 'Five Candles' dito?" Anyway, the collection still boasts a solid line-up of songs from a career that spanned more than a decade.

"Flood" by Jars of Clay

Ginny Owens: I heard her rendition of "Thy Word" and truth be told, makapanindig-balahibo ang pagkanta niya. She herself is an inspiration to anyone who'd bother to look her up on the net. Basta, kung hindi ka ma-inspire sa story nya -- BATO ang puso mo hahahaha

"If You Want Me To" by Ginny Owens


Friday, July 25, 2008

Budget Books in UP

This is what I LOVE about the book stalls at the AS walk in Palma Hall:

1. A vast selection of books on a wide range of topics -- pop culture, science, literature (varied genres pa yan), philosophy, history -- basta andami. kulang na lang porn hehe

2. Cheap books. On average, most books don't cost more than 200 pesos. Take note, mga classic titles ang mga 'to pwede mong ipagmayabang sa bookcase (or minilibrary) mo hehe

3. Dito ka lang makakakilala ng proprietor na alam ang mga librong binebenta niya. Kuya is a walking directory, index, and book review all in one. Astig!

4. Just walking around and reading the titles of the books displayed can increase your IQ. Garantisado!

This is what I HATE about the book stalls at the AS walk in Palma Hall:

Talo ko pa ang hinoldap when I walk out of the book stall. Pero saan ka ba makakakita ng taong hinoldap na masaya? At may bitbit pang mga libro? hahahaha

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Blair and Robertson Adventures

Wish me luck. 50 plus volumes kaya ang The Philippine Islands nina Blair and Robertson. My seach for the words 'crime' and 'punishment' in the B&R index led me to EIGHT pages of related topics - at bumabaha sa page numbers, sabog-sabog pa sa bawat volume.lintek para akong accountant kanina sa lib -- listing down page numbers in sequential (or semi-sequential order),and arranging them according to volume. Deconstructing the index is a LOT of work...

My search for the history of the judicial system of the spanish colonial government in the Philippines led me into the UP Law Library and its labyrinth of bookshelves. Alas, my search for books was unsuccessful as I did not find the books I was looking for. Pero at least hindi ako pinagpawisan sa paghahanap dun...'t ko ba kinakarir ang paper para kay Spiderman?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

At Natuloy Rin Ang Binabalak

Nadayun man gid mga abyan ang handum kag dumot ni Ditch...

The Dark Knight was AMAZING!

The Joker is CHAOS personified

I was laughing at the sight of The Joker in a female nurse's outfit

--then I was cringing as he blew up the hospital

amusement+horror = viva Heath Ledger!

Astig ang motorcycle ni Batman! The car-chase sequence was amazing!

How was this reversal of fortune possible, you might ask? This was made possible by my father who dropped by UP this morning. A small donation indeed goes a LONG way (parang simbahan hehehe). Muchas gracias a mi padre! Muchas gracias!

Now that the family's converging in Bacolod, things are going to get a bit hectic for me in preparation for my 'escape' from UP in August.

Anyway, I've seen the second Batman film...

I've read 200 pages of Borg's Pearl Harbor as History...

Things are looking up for me this week...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Confessional Blues

Ditch: Bless me Father for I have sinned. it has been nnnn since my last confession

Padre Salvi: Si hijo, tell me your sins...

Ditch: Father I made an oath that I cannot uphold

Padre Salvi: And what is that oath?

Ditch: Manonood po ako ng The Dark Knight this Sunday

Padre Salvi: at ano naman ang rason kung bakit hindi mo matutupad ang iyong panata?

Ditch: Lawig nga isturya Father matak-an ka lang...but if you want a one-word summary - ECONOMICS.

Padre Salvi: Sige, wala kaso. Here is your penance...

*Ditch awaits with bated breath the penance to be imposed*

Padre Salvi: Your penance will be to read 400 pages of Pearl Harbor as History, edited by Dorothy Borg and Shumpei Okamoto.

Ditch: QUE?! esta no hay derecho Padre! No tienes razon!

Padre Salvi: No, tengo razon. leed cuatro cientos pahinas del libro...

Ditch: Por que, Padre? POR QUEEEEEE?! huhuhu

Padre Salvi: Pramis pramis ka dasun indi mo man gale mahimo...gago ka pala eh...

Ditch: Ari na gani Father ginasuguran na basa...hay naku!


One question: What would Jesus do? Better yet, what will Jesus watch? hehehehe

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wala akong pakialam

Kahit may hinahabol akong dalawang report next week kay Sir Jose

Kahit wala pa akong nababasa para sa research paper kay Spiderman

This weekend...

Panonoorin kita! Shet...ilang linggo din akong hindi nakapanood ng sine. Phew! I deserve a break no...or else baka mapraning na 'ko dito. wahahahahaha

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Mr. Sungit

You've been a strange presence in our class in Kas 226. The first person who took notice of you - and named you 'Mr. Sungit' - was Regina. A few more meetings allowed for a closer scrutiny of your behavior (hindi maiiwasan, since you're sitting right across me and Regina), and gave me reason to believe that your monicker was well-deserved.

You had this air of "what the f*ck am I doing in this class?" about you. You never participate in discussions, and while our prof lectures you often stare straight up, seemingly concentrating on a single spot on the ceiling.

This is a democratic society after all. And UP na nga 'to, kung saan lahat na ng ka-weirduhan and idiosyncracies pinapabayaan lang. And wala naman akong right to ridicule you or ostracize you for your behavior. Hindi naman kita ka anu-ano...


You gave your reaction to the documentary we viewed during our class. My first reaction was "Aba, nagsalita ka!". Your comment gave rise to a lengthy discussion about the discourse on power, imperialism, and US expansionism. Here are just a few things I want to add to our discourse (given the lack of time and also, baka na-away na kita if we were to continue hehe).

First, bilib ako sa 'yo. You were the only one in the class who called attention to that perspective. In fairness, napa-isip mo kami ng malalim, and I believe that the ensuing discussion gave a much deeper look into what indeed is "imperialism" in the context of the actions of the American nation throughout its history.

You were right to say that if we look at imperialism along the lines of territorial expansion, then it would be faulty to say that it was in 1898 was the turning point in US history in which the Americans decided to engage in "imperialistic" ventures. I also agree with you on your point regarding the American Indians, who should be considered as the first victims of American "expansion".

Second, it would be a bit of a long stretch if we were to take your perspective and adapt it into our over-all discourse. Remember that our course is "AMERICAN policies in Asia" so don't decry that what we're reading and discussing conforms mostly to the American perspective. American nga ang perspective, but I do believe that so far the discussions among us are well-balanced. Wala naman sa atin ang nagwawagayway ng bandila ng Estados Unidos, na nagsasabing sa pangkalahatan, maganda ang imperyalismo at ekspansyonismo ng Amerika. I think that we have pointed out the good points and the bad points of US policy, and we have even teased out some of the underlying notions and perspectives that gave rise to such policies and actions. We can consider the other perspective, expecially the Filipino point of view, from time to time pero stick tayo sa syllabus pare pwede?...hehe

Third, and I really have to say this, I feel offended by some of your statements. Baka hindi ka aware pero may mga pasaring ka na medyo nakaka-insulto. Statements like "we have to think critically about this.." or "Let's be more imaginative", etc. It's not the words eh, it's how you said it and given that your Mr. Sungit, nagmukha ka nang asshole. Ibig mong sabihin hindi na kami nag-iisip ng malalim? na wala kaming imagination?

Ang hirap sa orientation ninyo is that you stick to your structuralist views eh. That's why I pointed out that the "American Imperialist Project" is not a monolith, that there were, and still are, forces of resistance to the imperialist impetus. I am not too convinced by your thesis that American society is built upon a structure of expansion and imperialism - ergo, exploitation (?). That's why I asked if based on your thesis the US will remain imperialist forever? That the US was, is , and forever will be, imperialist? Wala nang pag-asa for a change in outlook and viewpoint ang mga Amerikano? I have evidence to prove you wrong! (parang attorney na 'ko ah...hahahaha) Seriously, boxing in America into the label of "imperialist" would be an oversimplification and a denial of the complex forces at work shaping US policy through the years. Try mo kaya ang diachronic approach, kung gusto mo la lounge duree pa. text mo si Braudel. hehehe

You have opened the box of the imperialist discourse,my friend. If you're going to keep at it, I will gladly take up the challenge and become anti-thesis personified. Mas sasaya ang discussion natin kung ganon...hehe.

On one hand medyo nadagdagan ang pagka-irita ko sa'yo. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the intellectual discussion. Humanda ka!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kawawa Naman si Kid...

Here's a video of a suspected terrorist detained in the infamous Guantanamo Bay "detention facility" being interrogated by intelligence personnel.

the editing of the video makes it hard to really figure out the general mood of the interrogation or even how it went from small-talk to sob-story striptease (hehe). But a few questions come to mind given the scant info regarding this report:

I have to ask, what was the intention of releasing this video? Sympathy, perhaps? Is it working? so far the comments section on youtube is pretty divisive - some expressing outrage while others requesting the "Bauer Method" (as in Jack Bauer of 24) be applied on this hapless kid...

If he's 15 years old, shouldn't he be considered a child soldier? Aren't child combatants covered by an international agreement or a convention somewhere? Hello, UN...?

What exactly was his alleged role as a supposed member of a terrorist group? Maybe we'll have to wait for the court case to shed light on this...

How is he being treated inside the the Gitmo? I do hope that he's faring better than our own juvenile detainees here in the Philippines who often have to share space with hardened criminals. I imagine this boy sharing a bunk with a hardened Islamic fighter...Huwag po! Huwag po! hahaha

Seriously though, we've heard a lot of talk and allegations regarding the treatment of SUSPECTS inside Guantanamo. Clearly, this is no place for a child...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Announcement Muna...

From Normal Wilwayco:

mondo is available at magnet katipunan. responde sa magnet outlets din at sa popular. spread the word.



Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Just Had to Post This

given that I am disinclined to entertain any academic thoughts for the moment...

ahahahahahahahahaha! Loved the mom's deadma attitude -- just going about her chores, unmindful of the two doing their thing in front of the PC.

Thanks to Pebi for posting this vid on her blog. Just what I needed...

Geopolitics, Diplomacy, History....Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

this is me in the UP Main Lib upon seeing the readings that I would have to go through for my Kas 226 report

Sir Jose wasn't joking when he remarked that my report topic had a lot written about it. As in, a LOT...

These are books that you read IF you want to die!





Timeout muna! Ano ba yan?! Damn the Japanese…why did they have to attack Pearl Harbor and bring the Second World War into the Pacific? Why did they have to engage in imperialistic ventures in the Southeast Asian region in the 1930s? Why invade China and establish the puppet republic of Manchukuo in 1931? Why are diplomats such erudites that they quote the Aeneid with such ease? Why can’t backdoor diplomatic negotiations be based on screenplays of Bond Movies? Or Robert Ludlum novels? Or Tom Clancy novels (only with less talking and exposition)?

I have to take a break just for tonight. I just finished Feis' The Road to Pearl Harbor para akong na-overdose sa historical facts...

In fairness, bilib ako sa diplomat na nag-quote ng Aeneid -- the way to hell is Latin pa yan. Take that, Virgil! hehehe

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Be it hereby known that from this day henceforth The Dancing Prof shall no longer be known by that epithet

He shall henceforth be known, addressed, alluded to, and referred to as...



'langhiya! Only in UP!Saan ka makakakita ng Prof na sumasabit sa bintana just to illustrate a point?

Monday, July 7, 2008

WTF?! Shileeeeey! Noooooo!

Title refers to my reaction upon finishing Code Geass R2 Episode 13.

Sadly, Shirley's fate is the same as that of Euphemia in Season 1. Now, she goes to enroll herself in The Big Academy in the Sky.

The episode had so many twists that it had me reeling at the end. Cornelia is back!Ninja pala si Sayoko? Orange-kun is not a bad guy gale? The Ohgi and Villeta loveteam is together again (sound only)? hehehe

On another matter: What's all this reference to Lady Marianne? C.C. seems to have known her. Cornelia deeply respected her. And now Jeremiah revealed that he professed his undying loyalty to her; thus his fixation on Lelouch...this better have a good explanation in the end...

At least Shirley finally professes her love for Lelouch. Then she gets eviscerated by Rolo. Talk about "spilling your guts" to your one true love...*sigh*

If death is the fate of innocent, inconsequential, slightly pathetic female characters in this anime, is Nunnally going to end up dead also? I don't think Lelouch will let that happen...

Sayonara, Shirley...

Ngayon, balik sa Readings!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Knew It...

Just read the reports about the earthquake that hit Manila around 8 PM this evening.

Sabi ko na nga ba...I was wondering what was causing my bed to move forward ever so slightly...the quake's the bogeyman pala...

It's the second tremor that I've experienced here in UP. The first was last 2nd sem when I was in the main library. I was dozing off at the social sciences section when I felt this nudge moving the reading table back and forth...akala ko may gumigising sakin hehehe

Worse case scenario for both instances...Ditch buried beneath a pile of -- not rubble -- but BOOKS. Para nang mini-library ang kuwarto ko. Kis-a ginahulid ko na ang mga libro hahahaha

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm seeing Red

Kung si Pebi nagkakanosebleed sa mga binabasa niya. Ako parang namumula na ang mga mata ko. hehe Finished reading James Allen's The Radical Left on the Eve of War and I'm currently going through Communism in the Philippines: The PKP (Book 1). Coincidentally (or not), both books have red covers. Yung PKP book may hammer and sickle pa sa likod. hahaha

Nakigulo na rin si Dancing Prof. For about 15 minutes, he was quizzing us on our readings for the research paper. It's a good thing I've read Bankoff a few weeks ago so I was confident in my reply: "Sir binasa ko po si Bankoff...Greg Bankoff po...Crime, State and Society in the 19th Century Philippines po..."

Now I'll be forced to start reading for Kas 110. Bluffing can only take me so far...hanggang August na kalbaryo 'to! Ginapa-utwas lang sa blog! hahahaha

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sulpicio Lines

Sulpicio Lines announces a new fleet of ships with an all-too affordable fare rate. This newest gimmick was launched by Sulpicio as a way of "showing our appreciation for the long years of support the Filipino people has given to our company," said Alma Kapalngmukhangputanginangto, Vice-President for Marketing. "Sulpicio is indebted to the years of patronage that the Filipino people have given to our humble shipping line, we look forward to serving the public in new and deadlier--este, better ways...starting with this new and affordable trips on our newly commissioned fleet of floating coffins--este, ships pala," continues VP Kapalngmukhangputanginangto.

One of the "all-too-affordable" ships on its maiden voyage...12 minutes after setting sail from Manila Bay.

When VP Kapalngmukhangputanginangto was asked about the latest on the MV Princess of the Stars case and the aggrieved relatives of the dead passengers. VP Kapalngmukhangputanginangto eyes glistened as she said:

"Ay pakialam namin sa mga putanginang 'yan! Basta kasalanan 'yan ng PAGASA kasi hindi accurate and up-to-date ang mga bulletins nila! Siguro naman hindi mahirap para sa kanila na bigyan kami ng up-to-the-minute-every-minute na update 'noh para updated talaga kami. Atsaka kung tinawagan nila sana yung kapitan ng barko noh para aware siya kaagad na papunta na pala yung bagyo sa direksyon niya. Kasalanan din ng mga kamag-anak ng mga pasahero kasi pinapauwi nila yung mga tao na alam na nila na may darating na bagyo noh! Hellooooo! Konting common sense naman noh. Basta, wala kaming responsibilidad dyan ha? It just so happened na napasakay lang sila sa MV Princess of the Stars noh. Wrong timing talaga ang pesteng bagyong 'yan. Force Majeure people...Force Majeure nilang mga pagmumukha nila noh! Naku, makakalimutan din natin 'to after a few months noh...sino pa ba ang nakakaalala sa Doña Paz? Seeeeeee...sige, sabuyan lang namin kayo ng petals pa-epek-epek para quits na lang tayo. Oh, OK na? Appear! Wahahahahaha"

It was noted that VP Kapalngmukhangputanginangto started to turn an unnatural shade of pink while delivering her tirade. At the end of said speech, VP Kapalngmukhangputanginangto spontaneously combusted. Sulpicio promptly blamed the weather for the incident.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WTF? Rocking Marines

The elite fighting force of the Philippine Navy singing a hit song of the band R.E.M.

What the f*ck? Rondalla ba 'to? Losin' my rele-jun ka'mo? hahahahahaha

Video courtesy of

Kung ang USMC may motto na Semper Fidelis, dito sa atin yung mga Philippine Marines Siempre Rocker!

Hindi lang sa bakbakan, pati sa rak-en-rol panalo rin ang Marines natin!