Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sine Lang Pala ang Katapat or Twilight, My Ass

I almost forgot the wonders watching a movie could do to a stressed-out person. Thus...

The movie's a prequel to the first Underworld movie and presents the doomed Lucian-Sonja romance, and the eventual rebellion of the Lycans against their anemic and UV sensitive masters. The movie is short and sweet - did not aim more than just provide the backstory to all the allusions made in the two Underworld movies. This is a good thing though, in my opinion, as the movie still delivers the things that made the Underworld franchise such a hit. Leather clad vixens swinging swords, menacing hirsutes eager to rip anything to shreds, Viktor, the film-noir effect which made watching in SM North Cinema 12 difficult since their projection is not that good, and of course the gratuitous blood and gore...

All those graphic violence - the decapitations, dismemberments, maulings and mutilations...seem to have a relaxing effect on me.

There goes the Lycan's head...*sigh* life is good.

Is it just me or do the vampire covens only have one female deathdealer every 1000 years? All the other female vampires seem to be either Morticia Adams/Elvira Queen of Darkness cast-offs or skinny runway models who badly need an appointment with a tanning salon. Buti pa ang Blade nag-feature ng overweight na vampire (which is rare considering vamps are supposed to be oozing with sex appeal - Twilight? hahaha never watched that one) Oh well, we have Sonja seems to be a pretty fine addition to the kick-ass deathdealer line-up

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