Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Can I Hold You Tonight?

the reason why I'm featuring all these spanish songs is an activity in our spanish class where we were required to present one song in class. We had the activity this morning and all the songs presented in our class were muy triste. My group presented the song Si Yo No Te Tengo A Ti (If I do not have you) to class. Our song was the only one among those presented that was easy to sing to, and the only pop song from the 80's to be featured. (obvious sa nagpili hehe) the other songs were staple pop songs of the 90's and present which unfortunately (for me) included:

1. Heroe - Enrique Iglesias (the Spanish version of "Hero") Dios Mio...Enrique was so OA (over acting) when singing this song...and the fact that this song was sung by Enrique Iglesias makes it el peor in my list
2. Yo Te Voy a Amar - "I will Love You" by...get ready for this...N'Sync! hahahahaha! Que horror! Terible! the Spanish version of "This I Promise You"...
3. Si Volvieras a Mi (If you return to me) I'm not sure who sang this but it sounded like Josh Groban...and it seems that the only one who can sing the songs of Josh Groban IS Josh Groban
4. and finally No Puedo Tenerte (I Cannot Have You) by Sin Bandera...the song seemed unfamiliar but when it played, I realized -- holy sh*t! It's a Spanish version of "Baby Can I Hold You" by Tracy Chapman!

and it's not a good version

what's worse than hearing the songs you don't want to hear for an hour and a half is to finally get to a song that you reaaaally like -- as in one of the top twenty songs in my playlist -- but then it gets brutally murdered...and in Spanish pa! Mierda!

So instead of singing the Spanish lyrics, me and my seatmate staged our own protest -- we sang the Tracy Chapman version. So, like a man who undergoes open-heart surgery sans anesthesia, I was spacing out to dull the pain (en mi cabeza, in this case), imagining Tracy Chapman singing and not those half-assed Spanish boy bands.

But I'll spare you my's Tracy and "Baby Can I Hold You" as it should be...

My day just got better.

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