Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Friendster! (for SUGAR)

Salamat sa friendster because I got in touch with another friend from the good old college days. I confess that I haven't seen much of my old barkada in college. The rigors of work and the various responsibilities that I faced made it harder to maintain ties and considering that many of my acquaintances often go overseas for work makes it harder to meet up and even communicate.

Pero salamat sa friendster and this one found me. hehe siya pa nagpangita sa akon...touched ko ba...

SUGAR! kamusta ka na? Are you reading this? I'm sure you are because I gave you the address to my blog. Patikal-tikal sang blog ang iban hahahaha

It has been SUCH a long time and so much has happened. Diin ka na nga sulok sang kalibutan gapanago? hehe seeing your pictures of you having a good time makes me happy for you...

Do post a message in my friendster account or even here...then let's talk about when we get to meet and talk about the good old times...miss you! miss you! miss you!

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