Thursday, March 13, 2008

Massive Attack

I love confusing attendants in music stores like odyssey back in bacolod. I often look for CD's of artists who are often found on the fringes of pop and/or rock. It is always a source of both irritation and amusement when I approach these hapless attendants on the CD racks and ask them if they have the albums of the artists I was looking for. Example:

Me: "Miss, meron ba kayong album ni Sinead O'Connor?"

Attendant: "Sino?"

Me: "Sinead O'Connor po..."

Attendant: (to another attendant) "Meron daw tayong album ni Shened Connor..."

hahahahahahaha....what the f*ck?

oftentimes, these searches are often fruitless and I exit the store emptyhanded and frustrated. (with a story to blog about though, so all was not lost)

Maybe I was asking for it...imposing my musical tastes on other people...weird 'ata music ko hehe

Other names that often cause music store attendant's eyes to glaze over:

Tori Amos
Smashing Pumpkins
Massive Attack

If they manage to decipher what I want, oftentimes the albums would be out of stock. Konti nakakakilala -- ergo -- konti lang bibili -- ergo -- konti lang ang nasa stock nila.

Though there are times when I feel a great sense of relief that there are others aside from myself who know these artists. Like the mother of my highschool batchmate who is an avid fan of Enigma and collects their albums -- idol! hahaha Another time when I was in odyssey bacolod, I was asking around for Massive Attack and the attendants EEGs were -- as usual -- flatlining on me, when the manager of the record store suddenly asked: "Wala na tayong stock ng 'Mezzanine' dyan?" wow! mr. manager knew the Massive Attack album that I was looking for. bilib ah!

Now here's a sample of Massive Attack's music. Not really the type of music that is accesible to the usual music listener weaned on sappy pop tunes. This music is dark and brooding -- like a boogeyman hiding in your closet, awaiting the perfect moment to pounce on you from the shadows...perfect soundtrack music for stalkers and/or serial killers hahahaha

video reminds me of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis"...nosebleed?

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