Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Food Fight! ...a Deconstructive Analysis

this is one amazing video featured in youtube. Some of the world's greatest conflicts as performed (or reenacted) by each participating nation's staple food (or a cuisine associated with that particular nation). vamos a ver, por favor...

even a history major such as myself had a hard time figuring out which nation is which based on the food featured -- since i'm not familiar with some of the cuisine featured. but here's what i've figured out so far:

1. first scene refers to WW2 -- unleavened bread (Jews), bagels(?) and sausage (Germans), sushi (Japanese), hamburgers (USA), the salad thing (Russians), something that looks like "turon" and fries (Britain; there, fries are called 'chips'). The "patty bombing" of thousands of sushi was awesome (a reference to the hiroshima bombing)

2. next scene was a reference to the wars israel (unleavened bread) fought with the arabs (the kebabs -- or barbeques) after the british (turon thingie) left palestine

3. third scene: i'm not sure about this one but I suspect this to be the iran-iraq conflict since hamburgers and the salad thingie were involved hehe.

4. fourth scene: not too sure about this also but since there's french cuisine involved this might be algeria. there's a nice bit of reference to neocolonialism here as we see fellow cuisine fighting fellow cuisine ("Lumpia" thing fighting fellow "lumpia")

5. fifth scene: the ARMS RACE! US vs. Russia amassing weapons (in this case "fillings") of mass destruction.

6. sixth scene: those kebabs again...this time it's the gulf war. red kebab is iraq and the americans are represented by burgers and chicken nuggets (Desert Storm) The satellite image of the kebab being blown to bits is reminiscent of the "smart bomb" videos

7. seventh scene: the ongoing unrest in the middle east. notice the wall of "unleavened bread" keeping out the "kebabs." The "exploding shawarma" is a reference to arab extremist suicide bombers

8. eighth scene: obvious...9-11...

9. ninth scene: the afghanistan and iraq invasion...references to nightime bombings of iraq (night vision shot of the kebabs), and road-side bombings

10: I wonder what this scene meant...what those insects cleaning up the scraps of war represent? hmmmmmm....

phew! parang gumawa ako ng thesis nito hahahaha...anyway, this is one great and thought-provoking video. whoever did the animation and effects was AMAZING! bow ako sa creators of this video! HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS VID AS MUCH AS I DID. share your thoughts on my interpretation or give your own take on the "FOOD FIGHT"

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