Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yo Corazon Ely Guerra

I found a new muse -- a Spanish muse -- courtesy of the internet (youtube, limewire, and babelfish hehe) Ely Guerra is a musician after my own heart: an eclectic fusion of pop, rock, and alternative influences that are sometimes upbeat, gloomy but oftentimes just right. Here's a sample of one of her songs "De La Calle" medyo gloomy ito...

after a bit of babelfish translations and my own personal tweaking, the lyrics come out gloomy and morose. Summary: You cannot find love in the dark streets. there,love escapes you but pain embraces you...haaaaay, Ely mi amor you had me at "dolor" (pain)...

The song gave off the same vibe as this one, "Life in Mono" by Mono:

Teka, ba't puro na lang spanish songs ang fini-feature ko sa blog na to? Que Horror! que pasa? hay nada mas hablar?

yo hago una promesa añadar mas asuntos sobre otros cosas...yo espero hehe

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