Monday, March 17, 2008


NO the title of this post does not refer to a certain religious sect who claims sole access to Heaven...

Hahahahaha it seems that I have another first to celebrate(?) here in UP. My very first "Incomplete" grade. EVER!

Now, before you go accusing me of doing some mischief here in Diliman that warranted this INC, let me explain...medyo laba ni nga ambahanon hehehe

My Kas 111 course (Colonial Phils II) exam was scheduled on March 27. Two weeks ago, I approached Ma'am Diokno (my 'terror' prof in Kas 10, Kas 199.1, Kas 111, and Kas 199.2 -- I'm a masochist) and asked her if I could take the exam earlier as I already had a round-trip ticket booked for the 19th and returning on April 7th. I admit that this was a miscalculation on my part, as I assumed that there would be exams before the Holy Week. Again, assumptions are always the mother of all f*ck ups...

Ma'am and I agreed on a date for my 'advanced' exam for kas 111: march 18 -- a day before my departure for bacolod. But last saturday, as I approached ma'am to follow-up on my scheduled advanced exam, she told me that she was finding it difficult to make the exam as she had a very busy schedule these few days. Ma'am told me that I would have to take the exam along with everybody else during the scheduled date.

this unexpected turn of events introduced a dilemma on my part. If I choose not to leave on the 19th, I would be spending Holy Week here in Manila all alone...if I leave on the 19th, then choose to come back before march 27, I would be cutting short my vacation in bacolod. You also have to take into account the cost of having to reschedule and revaldate my round-trip ticket. My reasons I admit are purely personal. The first two entirely selfish. hehe

I weighed my options:

1. insisting was out of the question since I was asking for a favor on her part. that, and the fact that I won't DARE argue with Maris Diokno...

2. in ma'am's kas 111 syllabus there was a provision for deficiencies and how to make up for them. bottom line is, you get an INC if you fail to pass a requirement or take an exam and to make up for it, you'll have to pass a research paper

I was banking on option 2 (duh!) since I figured I could spend the remaining days here in UP scouring the library for sources to photocopy and when I'm already in bacolod, I could spend my vacation time going over them and making my notes. I already had a work schedule in my head wherein I will be able to finish my research paper and pass it on May.

I planned to approach her after my historical paper presentation which was this morning. Unfortunately, I was not able to approach ma'am after my presentation as the presentations (there were three of us scheduled to present our papers) took a bit longer than expected and Ma'am had to go to a departmental meeting after the class.

So I texted her my request: Give me INC, I'll give you a kick-ass research paper. Pleeeeeeeease....*

Her response was unexpected: I give you INC, you take exam another time.

To which my reply was: OK....thank you po.

So it seems I would have to do some reading during vacation, but not for my intended research. Damn, I was so fired up with doing the research but anyway...

BTW, I bought my very own UP shirt. Not one, but TWO! Figured after surviving two semesters of UP (and Diokno), I deserved this "badge" of honor. Plus, I get to flaunt it in Bacolod...Yabang...

I also met a new friend today, el nombre mi nuevo amigo es Rodrigo -- El Diablo Rojo. Rodrigo sera mi amigo en conversaciones en español para los meses que viene. En otro tiempo, yo presentare mi neuvo amigo Rodrigo. Promiso...

Also, I would have to take a bit of a break from blogging in the next few weeks. I won't be able to make daily blog updates as I no longer have internet connection at home. On the positive side, that means I'll have lots of things to blog about when I come back to UP next month.

Sige na, break ta anay para mamalandung. hope you all have a very Holy Week...hasta luego amigos!

*not the actual text of my communication with ma'am. I had to revise them for 'dramatic effect.' Asus!

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