Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Noticias (a.k.a Mga Nakaw Na Sandali)

hehehe had to come up with a "cute" title for these series of posts regarding the "happenings" here in Bacolod while yours truly is on vacation. I'm currently in Netopia in SM Bacolod renting a PC for 48 pesos an hour -- Mierda! That's why "nakaw na sandali" ang subtitle sang post nga ini hehehe
the phrase could mean two things: ako ang gapangawat tiempo o ako ang ginkawatan 48 pesos...

hinay aircon di SM Bacolod ah! hehehe

OK, updates, updates...


My flight touched down at the new "Bacolod-Silay" Airport. Though I found the terminal small compared to the other terminals of international standards like in Manila and Cebu, I found the place adequate in its facilities and the location itself is indeed appropriate for an airport which I suppose in the near future could be upgraded for international service.

Upon exiting the terminal I was immediately assaulted by my nephew, Brian, screaming like it were the end of the world. My niece Irene, though initially aloof, began to warm up as we got to the car and during our dinner at Pala-pala, she was back to her normal self -- hyperactive like her brother. Mama and Nang Jenelyn were there as well but most of the time during the dinner I had to play referee to the extremely kinetic brother and sister tandem of Brian and Irene. Brian managed to lose his toy car in Pala-Pala -- accidentally dropping it into the artificial pond --and I had to play the role of grief counselor to the kid, who at first wouldn't stop crying but later calmed down well enough to occupy himself with other matters -- like testing the limits of the rotating Selecta signboard.

One interesting anecdote during my trip back to Bacolod was about my UP shirt. I wore one of the UP shirts that I bought on the day of my departure from Manila. It was a black shirt with the name and seal of UP printed on the upper left portion, small enough to remain inconspicuous to the casual observer I believe -- wrongly, it turned out. The first to notice my shirt was the taxi driver who took me to the airport. Though it wouldn't take him a lot of brain power to figure out that I came from UP since I hailed a taxi inside UP, the T-shirt I was wearing became corroborating evidence that I was a student of peyups. The taxi driver, after having received my affirmation that indeed I was studying at UP, went on a monologue about how smart and talented UP students are -- as in "alam mo, lahat diyan ng mga nag-aaral sa UP matatalino..." then mr. taxi driver then proceeded to the conclusion that I also was one of those "intellectually superior" specimens from UP. Then he commented on the way I spoke tagalog. Since early in our conversation (a taxi verion of "kwentong kutsero") I happened to mention that I was from Visayas -- Manong taxi driver was from Bohol -- he remarked that my tagalog had no "tono" unlike the other Ilonggos who were in Manila. So it is really a big deal for an Ilonggo to speak tagalog without the characteristic tono ala Miriam Defensor Santiago...hmmmmmmm

And confirming that my shirt wasn't as inconspicuous as I thought it would be, I was accosted by a security guard at the NAIA domestic terminal who had been eyeing me since I got my boarding pass. He was unusually courteous and accomodating and the reason for that was confirmed when he asked me, "estudyante po kayo sa UP, sir?" I had to suppress a smile when I answered him: "Opo..."

To which the guard said: "Matalino po pala kayo, sir..."

At that point I couldn't help but chuckle. It seems that UP still maintains a high standing in the eyes of the masses, which is a good thing.

I think I should've bought a shirt with bigger prints on them...hehehe


Yes, people. After about ten months of boycotting the barbershops and hair salons my mother finally convinced me to get a haircut yesterday. The result of which was a not-so-astounding-or-amazing-make-over but still presentable, though. My hair is still long but I'm comfortable with the way it turned out. What was interesting about the experience was when the hairstylist started blowdrying my hair and it came out straight. I looked at myself on the mirror and nearly burst out laughing. So THAT'S how I look IF i had long, straight hair hahahahahaha

For a few hours, there was this nagging smell of toasted hair follicles hovering around me. A long bath and a few hours later, my hair was back to its old wavy self.

Lessons learned from the experience: always have an idea of how you want your hair to turn out. If possible, bring a picture of the hairstyle that you fancy. Second, I think I need to let my hair grow a bit longer so I could have several options regarding the hairstyles I want to have. The hairstylist remarked that she can't do much with my hair because "it wasn't long enough." OK, so i guess given that I just had my tresses shortened, I suppose that my next haircut would be about a year from now. I could just imagine how I'd look a year from now...

Laika y otras cosas

El nuevo perro en la casa se llama "Laika." No seguro como escribo se nombre pero mas prefiero. Laika es muy negra y muy loca, siempre corre todos los dias. Laika es muy amable y muy linda. me gusta muchisimo esta nuevo miembro mi familia. Realizo esta nombre "Laika" es de una telenovela sobre una mujer cambia al perro blanco.

No veo mucho telenovela hoy pero mucho veo documentarios en National Geographic y Discovery Channel. Me gusta mucho el serie como "Mythbusters."

Basta! No mas cosas para hablar pero otro tiempo estoy online doy mucho noticias sobre mi adventuras en la ciudad de sonreir. Adios!

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