Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Alone Knew Dali and Buñuel

ditch's note: what follows is the translation of my previous post which was written in the Spanish language. translating my previous post revealed a few errors in my blog post hehe -- pagpasensyahan niyo na...that's why I have the "Sort of" caveat in my post labels whenever I post in Spanish. Pramis, I'll try to improve next semester kung natapos ko na yung elementary spanish course ko. For the meantime, read and weep...

This morning in our Spanish class, our professor was reading an article about Salvador Dali. Only a few of the people in our class know who Dali is. In the article about Dali the name of Luis Buñuel was mentioned. My classmates also do not know who Buñuel is.

I was confused about the title of Buñuel’s film but I know of one scene [in that movie] where a human eyeball was slit. The French title of the film is “Un Chien Andalou.” After the class, I remembered the title but [I also realized] that it was written in Spanish in the article [we had just read]. The Spanish title is “Un Perro de Andaluz.” [A Dog of Andaluz -- or is it Andalucia?]

I was quite surprised that UP students do not know who Dali and Buñuel are. If Pebi heard of this, she would say: “How Horrible!” Hahahahaha

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