Thursday, May 8, 2008


what I'm reading: The Manila Galleon by William Schurz. Marami nang butas kasi almost 50 yrs old na ang libro pero enjoy pa rin (only a history geek will use the word enjoy in this case)

Oldest book I've gotten my hands on: hindi naman book -- National Geographic 1907 issue, INGAAAAAT na ingat ang bata sa paghawak...

what I'm doing: duh! blogging hehe -- mamaya finalize na ang outline ng paper for Arcilla

where I've been: Trinoma -- specifically, the Landmark Foodcourt. Been there twice today

what I've been watching: anime series: Claymore, Chrono Crusade, Fullmetal Panic; live action series: Dexter (yung serial killer ng mga serial killer -- loved the first episode wherein he decapitates his victim with a bone saw. Yaaaaaaagh!)

music I've been listening to this week: playlist ko sa friendster, Rammstein, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Enya (parang ang layo ng last...)

what I'll do after finishing this blog post: ARCILLA, tapos maglalaba ng medyas hahahaha

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