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A 17th Century Tale of Love...and Vengeance (Parte Dos)

para sa mga nakaantabay, ang kasunod na yugto hehe...

From The Manila Galleon, by William Lytle Schurz, New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc, 1959 [revised citation format po ito, baka may magreklamo hehe]

Meanwhile, when the pilot had reached Manila and cleared the 'Santa Rosa' again for Acapulco he left a number of spies commissioned to find La Plana. They searched every recess in the Philippines and carried their hunt overseas to China and Japan, and to Goa [a city in India] and the Moluccas. At last one of the spies found him [La Plana] in Macao, where he had entered the service of the Portuguese. He [the spy] skillfully inveigled him [La Plana] into returning to Manila by representing to him that his crime had been forgotten and by holding out to him the prospect of marriage with a certain rich widow.

The spy accompanied La Plana back to Manila, where he [the spy] informed Galvez, who had returned again from Acapulco, of the success of his search. The 'Santa Rosa' was tied up at Cavite, pending the usual repairs for her next voyage, and the only persons aboard were the pilot [Galvez] and a few watchmen. On the pretext that he was to share in some contraband cargo the spy rowed La Plana across to Cavite and up the side of the galleon. As they climbed to the deck Galvez seized his man and threw him violently to the deck. He then had the spy tie their left hands together for a duel to the death. When this was done he ordered his opponent to draw his dagger and defend himself. After the pilot had stabbed him several times, La Plana managed to free himself in the scuffle and made a dash for the rigging. Galvez climbed after him, his dagger between his teeth, but the wounded man slipped and fell to the deck, breaking his back in the fall.

La Plana was then bundled overboard and into the boat, which Galvez and the spy rowed back to the walled city. It was night when they entered through the postern gate, dragging the form of La Plana after them. They took him to an old house in Calle Rada, the haunt of criminals and broken men. Here they propped him up on a pallet, while Galvez showed him a miniature [portrait?] of Doña Solina. After the doomed man's request for a priest and for water and a surgeon had been denied, he was informed that he had been brought there to die. While Galvez repeated the story of the crime that had prompted his vengeance, he placed the open locket on a chair facing La Plana, where he could not avert his eyes from the portrait.

Here he lingered for three days, the lower half of his body paralyzed by his fall on the ship and always under the eyes of the spy who had tracked him to the Chinese coast. When he died the friars of the 'Misericordia' came and buried him in an obscure spot.

Shortly afterward Galvez piloted the 'Santa Rosa' eastward on his last voyage. At Acapulco he quit the sea forever. For a time he wandered over Mexico as a penitent, visiting one shrine after another, but always returned to Acapulco. Then, one day people found him dead by the grave of Doña Solina, her miniature in his hands, and the monks of San Hipolyto's convent buried him beside her.

Grabe! this story has it all...a tragic romance, multiple locations fitting an epic movie, a protagonist driven by vengeance, a story filled with intrigue, greed, action...kulang na lang screenplay, director, producer, at mga artista to play the lead characters pwede nang movie. My imaginary cast for this imaginary movie includes Antonio Banderas as Guillermo Galvez, Salma Hayek as Solina [I was thinking of putting Penelope Cruz in this role, pero methinks hindi siya bagay sa role ng tragic heroine], Alan Rickman as Sebastian La Plana [loved Rickman in Sweeney Todd, bagay siyang kontrabidang mang-aagaw ng asawa], Gael Garcia Bernal as the spy [para siguradong panonoorin ni Pebi]. Directed by Guillermo del Toro. Screenplay by Neil Gaiman,Pedro Almodovar and Michael Ditchella [kailangan talagang isingit hahahaha]. Inspired by the book The Manila Galleon by William Schurz. Produced by StudioCanal and Miramax para independent ang dating. Filmed in location at Mexico and the Philippines. Kulang na lang title...any suggestions?

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