Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remember Lordi?

Of course you don't. hehe I just heard of news that the new winner of Eurovision 2008is a Russian singer who, in his performance during the finals night, featured a violinist playing a Stradivarius and an Olympic ice-skater performing his stunts on stage. Talk about production value -- and high camp value of course...

Never been too familiar with Eurovision, myself. I know that it's an annual singing contest which features contestants coming from several European countries. I think ABBA performed once, and Celine Dion, and that Israeli woman whose one song was featured in Voyage...but I digress...

The only time that I got interested in this contest was the entry of an unlikely contender from Finland in 2006. Usually Eurovision features songs that could be considered the epitome of cheesiness. Consider the titles: "Save your Kisses for Me", "Diggi-Lo, Diggi-Ley", "Love Shine A Light", "Take Me To Your Heaven", etc. And that's just the songs that have Engish titles or feature English lyrics...

Now, back to 2006. Finland presents: LORDI!

Hahahahahahaha the vid looks like a clip from a bad 80s horror movie. Cheesy acting, not-too-good directing, simplistic camera angles...and the song -- WTF? Everything about this song seemed to be so bad but the thing that got me hooked on this band is their novelty...they're like that one dark spot on an immaculate pure white canvas. You'll never fail to notice them...with their horns and freakish prosthetics, I'll bet that'll catch everybody's attention.

And true enough, Lordi won Eurovision 2006...here's their performance during the finals -- enough with the flag-waving already! hahahaha

Hmmmm...now where do I begin with this? Members of the Undead Scourge embark on a rock career? What's with the axe-microphone? Is the makeup -- permanent?

I could just imagine the propsman who made the fold-out wings going "I made that sh*t!". That, and the pyrotechnics are I believe a fitting climax to a performance that I could only describe (charitably) as out-of-this-world.

After 2006, it was back to usual pop tunes for Eurovision. In this contest, Lordi was more the exception that the rule.

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