Friday, May 2, 2008

Deconstructing Arcilla...

blog title is tentative title of my analysis paper on Arcilla's "An Introduction to Philippine History."

Alternative title: Palibhasa Ateneo hahaha -- I actually saw this line scrawled on a page of Arcilla's book (1971 edition) which I borrowed from the UP Main Lib:

"Palibhasa taga-Ateneo ka!"

the anonymous vandal was reacting to Arcilla's comments on Aglipay and the founding of the Philippine Independent Church.

I find the scrawled comments on the various tomes I've read and borrowed from the Lib another interesting avenue for research. If ever I could embark on such academic endeavor, I'd like to call it "Reactions at the Margins: A Postmodern analysis of vandalism in academic publications." hahahaha hallucination!

mas exciting pa minsan magbasa ng comments ng mga vandals kesa sa text ng libro. Nag-aaway pa minsan ang mga sumusulat ng side comments. So far the most contested book I've come across is the Jose Maria Sison biography "At Home in The World." Pati picture ni Joma hindi sinanto! hahahahaha

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