Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reader Participation

something new to the site once again. I'm going to have a quiz for you dear Readers -- just a little something to get your neurons jumpstarted a bit. This quiz shall be about one of my interests -- and since I'm so fed up with historical quizzes (daw masuka na ko di sa history hehe), and I do not think that you'll even fathom my literary and musical knowledge (yabang! hahahahaha), let's try an exercise on anime trivia since it's something all you kids are into these days.

Note: Questions are preceeded by the Name of the Anime from which you can find the answer...bait ko 'no?

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion: What is the Motto of the organization NERV? Complete and unexpurgated please!
2. Full Metal Alchemist: Into what chemical did Edward Elric turn the homonculus Sloth into?
3. Full Metal Panic: Exactly how many times did Gauron "die" before he finally died? (confusing?)
4. Ghost in the Shell (the movie): what was the brand of alcoholic beverage that Major Kusanagi was drinking on the boat during the diving sequence? (hapus-hapos!)
5. Ghost in the Shell -- Innocence: how many people were inside the convenience store when Batou was "hacked"?
6. Fate/Stay Night: When Archer was defeated by Berserker, Archer's body and clothing disappeared, leaving only what?
7. Chrono Crusade: Who was the first peson whom Joshua petrified when he was given Chrno's horn's?
8. D Gray Man: How many cross-shaped scars are there on Tyki Mikk's forehead?
9. Claymore: FILL IN THE BLANKS. When a Claymore releases ____ percent of her yoki, her body distorts.
10: Ghost Fighter: SHORT ESSAY. In the Filipino dub, the character Kurama (Dennis) underwent a strange metamorphosis from his initial introduction to the series (the "Mirror" episode) and his later appearances in the succeeding episodes. What was different about the Dennis of the Mirror episode and the Dennis of the succeeding episodes? (esep-esep)

Post your answers in the comments section of this blog post. DO NOT POST THEM ANYWHERE ELSE or else they will be considered forfeit. The first to get all TEN questions right is the WINNER.

I'll still ponder on what prize I shall bestow on the lucky winner. But still, JOIN NA! You'll never know what prize(s) await you. Don't let this chance to make yabang your anime knowledge pass you by! Maari mong ipagmayabang ang achievement na ito sa mga apo mo! hahaha

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