Wednesday, May 14, 2008


one of the best ending themes ever...liked the goth rock, medieval-celtic fusion...

Here's five reasons why I liked this anime:

1. Athletic, lithe women with big swords? YEAH BABY!
2. the graphic violence: decapitation, evisceration, dismemberment, enough slicing and dicing to put any slaughterhouse out of business
3. The over-all medieval feel of the series
4. The series is just like a war movie -- except the warriors are hot babes
5. One story arc almost made me cry -- waaaaaah! the teresa-clare story arc (i think it starts on episode 4) and tell me kung hindi kayo maluha...

I liked this series so much that I spent time browsing through countless search engines before I could find the complete series online. Then I had to suffer through watching videos with french and spanish subtitles dahil wala nang ibang available online (Turns out my fractured spanish is a blessing as it enabled me to comprehend also the french subtitles)

I am SO praying that a second season will push through...kung si Clare pa -- more, more, MORE!

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