Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Close encounters with the familiar kind...

back again after less than a year, Corazon and I meet to play catch up. But this time she has her banahon, Quinn, with her. We met at Gerry's Grill for lunch and I actually was looking forward to the chatter -- thinking that I'd get a chance to hear English spoken Australian-style.

But Quinn was not your "typical Australian". And I actually had a good time chatting with him. Note to self: Brush up on Australian history and current events, hehe. It was a chance to get to know "Cozi" from another source. Realizing how much a friend changes -- and how some things never change with them -- gives me great happiness.

Cozi, Ik-ik, Corazon...the person who brought about my "downfall"...the original Bad Influence...my blessing in disguise hahahahaha

I could never wrap my mind around the fact that we became friends despite the blatant disparities in personality, background, and outlook in life. Maybe it was the Music that came in the form of the tapes and CDs you were lending me? Maybe it was those moments wherein I was doing things I am NOT supposed to do but I ended up doing and enjoying nevertheless? Maybe it was the fact that your circle of friends and my circle of friends are poles apart that bringing you into my circle was supposed to be a bad decision on my part? Maybe that's what friendship is...who knows?

What I know is that there are no regrets on my part...thank you, Ik.

BTW, I'm in heaven right now -- listening to the Music again...courtesy of you-know-who...

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