Sunday, April 27, 2008


A lot of interest has been expressed over a certain shirt I often wear this week. Unfortunately, indi ang gasuksok ang pinagnanasaan nila haha but what gets the eye of the passersby or the people who happened to be on my path is the text printed on it:


Gets nyo?


Though the bold letters catches the eye of the person, the text often elicits varied responses.

Yung iba gets yung humor ng text, yung iba hindi...

If, unfortunately, you are the latter do not despair...even people in UP cannot fathom the seemingly cryptic message printed on my shirt right away. This has been an on and off phenomenon for me and most of the time I had to explain the hermeneutics and linguistics behind my much for humor...and a quick wit for that matter...

BUT, everything changed today...

The people I've met -- and those who have noticed the shirt -- seem to instantaneously grasp the logic (or lack of it) behind the words. Plus, they weren't shy to express their interest to me.

First incident of this happening was on the Pantranco jeepney I was riding after I went to Sunday mass this morning. A lady called my attention and asked me:

"What's the rest of the words on your shirt?"

It so happened that the bottom part of my shirt was obscured by my backpack. (same old backpack) When I showed the remaining text...she laughed out loud and said:

"That's funny!"

STRIKE! (Kung si Lavi pa sa D Gray Man haha)

Second incident happened around 6 PM at the DVD and used books store at the SC. The Kuya who was tending the shop showed interest on my shirt and called another student's attention to it. Both were pleasantly amused and Kuya inquired as to its provenance. I told them na binili ko lang yung t-shirt. Kuya commented on the novelty of the shirt hehe...

Three strikes in one day! There are still quick-witted beings here in UP and a shirt is enough to reveal them! hahaha

While I was in the store, I bought two DVDs and Kuya remarked that one of the DVDs I bought seemed to coincide with my shirt...

Ano ba ang biniling DVD ni ditch?

1. Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society

2. Akira Kurosawa's "RAN"

Gets nyo?

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