Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Happened?

Just received a strange call from Mama back home a few moments ago. And I really need to blog about this.

I assumed that Mama was calling to check up on me and to give me updates on my sobrinos staying at home. But then Mama was talking about Brian crying and something that happened to my computer.

Mama handed the phone to my nephew, Brian, but I could hardly understand what he was saying. First, he was sobbing and hysterical. He was starting every sentence with "I'm sorry Tito Mike..." punctuated by incessant sobs. From what I could gather from Brian, it seems that the PC was experiencing a lag due to the game Frozen Throne. This has been a recurring problem even prior to today's incident. My poor nephew instantly assumed that the PC hanging was his fault and began to go into hysterics, fearing my wrath because of what he had 'done' to my computer.

But I know that it was not his fault. How fortunate that the call came right after I stepped out of a cold shower as I had a cool head to view the incident objectively. So I told Brian to hand over the phone to Diding, our helper, whom I had tutored on basic troubleshooting when this stuff happens. We tried the Ctrl+Alt+Del approach first. I could not figure out if it worked since I could not really see what was happening with the screen, so I told Diding to push the 'Restart' button and see what happens. When Diding started seeing the Windows logo, I knew that everything was fine. But unfortunately, Brian no longer wanted to play with my PC. I had to talk to him again, reassuring him that it was not his fault that the PC experienced a bit of trouble and that I know that he was doing his best to be careful with my PC when he's playing.

In my mind, the boy was only doing what I taught him to do and what he saw me doing when I was working on my PC so I guess I could not place malice on his actions. After all, the incident was not his fault -- damn that PC! hehehehe

This incident got me thinking that Brian had been thoroughly intimidated by my angry presence. It is often in rare occasions that I vent my anger but those times are never good for those on the receiving end of my wrath. Ask my former students, who still cringe at some of my bulletin posts on friendster regarding some matters that "tweak" the angry side of me, and instantly mail me messages asking if "akig ka sir?" or telling me "indi lang sir mangakig."

The angry me -- pray that you do not meet the dark side of sonofaditch hehehehe

I'm doing Pavlov proud, I guess...

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