Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sin Noticias de Ditch...Pero Hoy...

the title of this post is a rip-off from a Spanish film that made me see Penelope Cruz in a different light hahaha.

I wasn't able to gain access to the internet during the last few days of my vacation in Bacolod so this post is now being written at the boarding house -- where one of the (paid) perks is unlimited internet access...bwahahahaha

So before my early-onset Alzheimer's kicks in once again, allow me to recapture some of the memories of vacation in this second-to-the last part of the 'Noticias/Mga Nakaw Na Sandali" series...

Yearbook 2007

Finally! the masterpiece of UNO-R HS batch 2007 is just a few months away from being released come Sembreak 2008. The long delay from last year's sembreak when Lelis and I finally completed the yearbook (dummy-form) was due to the very hectic schedules of Sir Harry, to whom the task of final approval was assigned, and Mrs. Song (final text corrections naman ni kay Ms Alon). Thus, the final submission of the yearbook to Alpha kept getting postponed. It was only when I arrived that Sir Harry had enough of a break so that both of us could finally deliver the final, approved blueprint of the Yearbook to the prnting company.

When we finally delivered the blueprints to Alpha, the staff informed me about a complaint that was brought to their attention regarding the Yearbook. I won't delve much into details since I already addressed this issue in a very LONG friendster bulletin but suffice to say that the concerns aired were unfounded and though initially I was irritated by the news, we finally laughed it off as a misunderstanding which was unduly complicated by rumors and tsismis.

A great weight has been lifted from our shoulders (and minds) as Sir Harry and I finalized the details of the yearbook. Now, all that's left is to wait for a few months until the eventual release of Yearbook 2007. Lelis, the Yearbook EIC, herself is excited but we still have to iron out the details of our respective sembreak schedules so that we can be on hand to oversee the release of the Yearbook.

Initially, the Yearbook staff and I envisioned Yearbook 2007 as the first yearbook to be released within a year upon graduation. Since that goal was not met, consolation prize is that there is a great possibility that Yearbook 2007 will be relased earlier than Yearbook 2006. haha!

Though earlier I announced that the release of the yearbook will be on September 2008, a quick glance at last year's school calendar revealed that sembreak starts on October 2008...oh well, nothing another announcement can't fix. Basta Batch 2007, release of Yearbook will be during the Semestral Break. I will be confirming within the next few months if indeed it'll be September or October. Apologies for making you wait a bit longer but I promise that your yearbook is worth the wait...

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