Friday, April 11, 2008

Leave Sinead Alone!

Daw obvious man nga wala ko masyado himuon diri sa boarding house except surf the internet for hours. hehehe my previous posts have featured several vids from my suki Youtube. I stumbled across these and I just can't help but blog about this.

As I revealed during an earlier post, one of my pet peeves is if musicians try to rip off songs that I like, mangling the classic tunes in the process. Whatever happened to originality -- or at least innovation?

Note to musicians who want to make covers of other people's songs: make sure you understand the subtext or "meaning" of the songs, especially if you're ripping off songs whose lyrics are supposed to mean something, whose music, and the artist's singing were supposed to evoke a certain feeling.

It's not enough that you liked the song therefore you're entitled to a remake. Remember that you're musical artists and if you wish to build upon a work of another, make sure that your work either surpasses or at least comes to equal that of the original...

In short, nugay kamo kopya kung indi nyo man lang mapanindugan ang kanta nga original. Mga bwiset kamo!

Leave "Nothing Compares to You" Alone!

Leave Sinead O'Connor in Peace you Bastards! grrrrrr....

First in line for the firing squad is Stereophonics. Medyo pasado na sana but the style of singing, given Kelly Jone's raspy voice is not suited for the rendition. Stereophonics shouldn't have touched this song...Nice try, pero es peor!

Ari ang sadya, Fall Out Boy's performance during one of their concerts. Pasintabi sa mga fans sang Fall Out Boy pero I feel like killing them when I heard the first few seconds of their rendition. Ano ka, feeling Billy Joel or Elton John? Your vocal calisthenics are merely for show and are too distracting. A shameful, amateurish attempt...good thing you didn't try to sing the WHOLE song. Su version es El Peor!

Practice pa kamo mga toto because if you think you've done something original or very fantastic, chances are there were older bands who did it earlier and way better than you. In fairness I'll just condemn you for this rendition as I have yet to listen to your tunes, tiempohan ko gid kamo beh...

Niki Evans: good voice, but lacks the subtlety of the original, every note feels like a punch -- walang finesse. the way she drags out some of the notes was a bit irritating, and the backing vocals sound creepy.

ari ang original para makit-an nyo kung nga-a ginhigh-blood ko tungang gab-i.

May Spanish subtitles pa na hehehe

Now THIS is a classic. May ma-angal?

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