Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Advisory: This post contains explicit material. Ba't puro explicit na yung mga posts ko ngayon?

I came across this list of the ten most annoying singers of all time...

guess who was number 3?


The guy who wrote this article doesn't f******g know how to appreciate an artist such as billy corgan...

Who cares about your ideas? Who the hell are you to impose your own concept of who is or isn't a good singer?

And to call them annoying? How m*****f*****g arbitrary of you -- a*****e!

And to even place billy corgan on the THIRD spot? How dare you! Billy Corgan wouldn't give a rat's ass what you think of him. Thus I'll have to take the cudgels for him and whip your sorry ass! I'll stoop down to your m*****f*****g retarded level and murder your ass! I'll tear you apart and eat your f*****g heart you d******t! F*ck!

Billy Corgan is one of the greatest artists that ever lived! And any of you m*****f*****s disagree I'll have to f*****g shove my foot up your asses! I'll rip out your intestines and feed you to the f*****g sharks! F*ck you!

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