Sunday, April 27, 2008


This seems a bit uncharacteristic of me...but I'm loving David Cook's rendition of "Always Be my Baby"

Yeah...even I'm having goosebumps...if you young 'uns first heard of this song from SeƱor Cook, then I count you lucky. We had to suffer through Mariah Carey's version. Though in all fairness, this song was released when Mariah Carey was still relatively a good performer hehe

I also heard the full version of Cook's rendition of the song and boy is it GOOD!

Here's the actual "American Idol" performance...

Cook had even peformed a song by the band "Our Lady Peace" during the competition. Oh, anong say niyo? Kilala niyo ba ang Our Lady Peace? hahaha That's why I'll root for this guy...mananalo ka! hahaha

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