Sunday, April 13, 2008


I literally was going "Oh My God!" when I saw this video because I've heard this song before in high school but I didn't realize that this was sung by MILLA JOVOVICH.

You heard me, Milla Jovovich was at one point a musician who wrote her own songs.

The title of this song is the "Gentleman Who Fell"

Listening to this song convinced me of Milla's talent. This song used to be played on "Killer Bee" often...hahahahaha grabe...a wave of nostalgia suddenly hit me

By the way my encounter with Milla's music vid was brought about by watching the Resident Evil DVD and then going online to wikipedia which eventually led to youtube. I so love these two sites...

Millaaaaaaa! Labyu labyu labyuuuuuu! hahahaha

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