Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ode to A Blog Post

I haven't written a decent poem in pasensya if this comes out a bit weird or weirdly amateurish hehe...anyway, just an attempt to add something to this blog that hasn't been tried before...

Ode to A Blog Post

nimble fingers travel quickly
on the keyboard
late at night
the quick incessant tapping
the earnestness to capture
thoughts before they are lost
in a swarm of incoherent memories
he is alone -- inspiration is his only friend
that, and the lone search engine
spouting avenues for discovery


this silent voice has found a place

now pondering, now searching
words to bare his soul
wondering if all these words
would be just a whisper
in this vast, electronic void

but still his fingers do not cease
...this perpetual machine...

this loneliness is an engine
this brain is numb with ideas
spilling over, seeking release

and so

these nimble fingers
have a life of their own it seems
never ceasing
never failing
as long as there is that drive


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